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A few of my favorite links. Click on the Name to view the link in a new window.


Lutheran Bible Translators
World Bible Translation

Annie Taillemite Frescoes, Watercolors and Wall Finishes

Professional Prints from Rudinec

Sarah Kovin Snyder Watercolors

Rudinec and Associates
Navy Art from the Navy Art Collection

Salons d'art de l'academie du VAR

CombatArt Exhibit, Washington Navy Yard
2009 Exhibit catalog online

Women in Uniform
An online exhibit by Navy artists depicting women in uniform.


Navy Combat Artist Deploys to Sigonella, Sicily2011

French Navy Artists
Official Painters of the French Navy

Watercolors of Freedom
Watercolors of Freedom... Navy Artist Captures Armed Forces in Paint 2003

Navy News
Navy Combat Artist Paints Life in the Navy 2003

Naval History and Heritage Command

Navy Historical Foundation
Navy Historical Foundation and Museum, Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.