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Monica was initiated in the technique of fresco painting at the ‘Conservatoire des Ocres’ , Roussillon in the Luberon, in the heart of Provence, France.   This technique consists of painting, with earth pigments and/or oxydes, on damp, lime plaster (composed of sand or marble powder and lime).  The ancient Romans and more recently the artists of the Renaissance perfected the technique .  The resulting, durable surface of transparent crystals formed by the process of carbonatation as the lime plaster dries protects the pigment fixed by the lime and resists time and the elements.

ChurchAlone or in collaboration with Annie Taillemite, Monica has completed numerous frescoes inspired by the art of the Renaissance in chapels and churches from Sologne, in the center of France to Le Pradet in the South…as well as of a more contemporary nature in the homes of individuals in the US, Italy and France.

‘Buon fresco’ workshops for individuals or  small groups can be organized in her atelier in La Garde (VAR), France.  Fresco painting outside the studio ‘in situ’ in France or elsewhere can also be arranged .  Please contact the artist directly for more information and/or an estimate.