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The design elements that make up the banner and background of my website were influenced by two of my past works.


The ivy comes from one of my watercolors painted after a colorful, vine-covered Italian door. The website designer took this small border and turned it into a powerful graphic banner and surprisingly, opened that ivy covered doorway into my works. In effect, taking a two dimensional art form much further than I imagined when I painted it.


Church Fresco

The velvet 'black' borders found on each page never even occured to me as a background for a web page. This rich color is composed of 4 washes of color, superimposed, on damp, lime plaster, from Burnt Sienna thru Vert de Cobalt passing by Raw Umber to Ultramarine. There is no black....


Saint Martin Fresco

The 'buon' fresco work from which it is derived was painted as a team with my partner in fresco, Annie Taillemite. The subject of the fresco is Saint Martin dividing his cloak with a poor man and it was painted in the manner of Simone Martini in the parish church of Mery-sur-Cher, France (the original is found at the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi).